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about us

Knowledge, Passion, Dedication, Team Spirit, are amongst the few ingredients behind EDM London turning our client’s vision into reality.

Our core values:

  • Never compromise on the quality which is the signature of our work and the token of our reputation.
  • Full transparency on our supply chain to genuinely find the most suitable stones for your project and avoid unnecessary intermediaries.
  • Our teams are project oriented and will have a pro-active attitude at every level of the chain, every step of the process.
  • Fully committed to our clients. EDM was founded in 1987 in Paris, we have always successfully completed and delivered the projects we have taken on and we are continuously assisting our customers by proposing maintenance and after-sale services.

our expertise

Built over the years, our team(s) have grown stronger through the shear passion of seeing projects start from a sketch on a drawing board, marble and stone materials carefully selected in the quarries and processed before being installed by skilled stone masons.

The sharing of knowledge and passion combined with the use  of traditional and modern technology has led for grand projects of different scales to be delivered in London and around the world : The Knightsbridge, Hanover Lodge, Four Season Park Lane, Project Bond,  10 Trinity Sq, One Tower Bridge, Burberry & Louis Vuitton flagships, 20 Grosvenor Sq together with ongoing projects Peninsula London and Chelsea Barracks, are amongst a few of our references.



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Our international presence

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