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about us

Vibrant and noble, stone has been the material of building excellence since the origins of architectural history. If its prestige is incomparable, it’s because of its endless variations.

Our DNA is structured around 5 elements: a powerful “team” element, a “project” element in the heart of our organization, a “customer” element whose satisfaction represents the best reference, and a “know-how” element transmitted by our seniors to young talents.

Making complex projects into reality by measuring themselves against construction constraints and thus giving new destinations to stone thanks to innovative measures: this is our passion.

our expertise

EDM’s teams are multi-skilled, which allows them to execute a wide variety of services according to the rules of the art: interiors, facades, designer furniture, mosaics, marble or soft stone marquetry…

The prescription and service we provide to the greatest architects and decorators as well as to the leading luxury brands, has placed EDM at the heart of some of the most prestigious projects around the world.



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